Ted Piercefield

Welcome to my Website. My name is Ted Piercefield. I was born in Kentucky, one of my favorite places on earth. Although I have played in many bands, I am probably best known as a member of the Grammy nominated jazz-rock group "CHASE", led by my colleague, the late, great Bill Chase. Although much of my musical content is different than the music from my past, I am sure you will hear a lot of influence from those days.

 I played trumpet, and sang with "CHASE". The hit song from our first record was called "Get It On". I performed with this group through the second album, called "Ennea".

 I am currently releasing my first solo CD called "Chasing My Dream". These songs represent many of the "moments" of musical substance that I have either heard or played somewhere along the way! (Please see the "About the Music " section) 

The genre of the songs is very of diverse and this is why I recommend that the CD be listened to in its entirety. Listening to just one cut track may cause you to miss out on some very new ideas I have put to music.

Please enjoy my photos, and other materials here. Also, check out my 'endorsements' section !  It's been a long road to get to this point. I just know my music will bring some happiness into your world. It certainly does to mine! Thanks for stopping by!