Ted Piercefield

I am excited to share my heart and soul with you through my songs, lyrics and even a little history.To explain when,and how these tracks were created, I'll start with them by age:

"LOVE" was written right before the break-up of the original Chase group.

I wrote it, and did a five piece recording of it with a band we called "X"....which consisted of myself, on trumpet, valve trombone, keyboard and vocals. Gary Smith and Dennis Johnson (also from Chase) played drums and bass respectively. Clay Cropper played guitar, and "Moog". Augie Bucci played the venerable Hammond B3 organ. I have now added extra instrumentation to the original track, including horns, voices, strings and a few other things.

The next five songs, I wrote and arranged in the early 80's while in Louisville, Kentucky.

My good friend, Gary Falk, who owned the studio, was kind enough to hold on to the master tracks for me for these many years.

I recorded them in his studio, using four trumpets, three trombones and a rhythm section. I sang the lead vocals, and my friend and co-arranger on that project, Gayle King, sang the background vocals. These songs include:

"Come Back Soon", "Feelin' Fine", You Accept Me, "Feel like Lovin' You" and "Don't Say Goodbye". These tracks were rearranged, embellished and mastered with the help of the newest and finest technology available to me.

My latest compositions are "Forever One" and "Just For You". On these songs, I recorded all of the basic tracks in my personal studio. I then enlisted some of the most talented musicians, many of which I am sure you will hear more of, to make it all come alive!

I also updated my song "Those Eyes", which I originally recorded on the "Watch Closely Now" Chase tribute LP. We recorded that album after Bill passed away, to make sure none of that great music was lost.

The vocal on "Those Eyes" was sung by the late, great, Terry Richards, who also sang "Get It On" as the original lead singer in "Chase". His vocal performance, as well as original Chase member Jerry VanBlair's flugel horn solo, were so excellent and heartfelt. I knew these performances "deserved" to be heard again. With the addition of strings, flutes,harp, and some horns, to an already beautiful track, this song has taken on new life, and is sure to warm your heart. I'm sure that Terry and Jerry would be proud too.

So, that's the history of my music. Now comes the fun part......just sit back, listen, and enjoy the music.

It has been the thrill of a lifetime being able to write and record these songs. Now, I can finally share them with you.

Yours in music,