Ted Piercefield

Here are a few endorsements of my music: 


"Thank you dear Ted for sharing your wonderful music!!!
--Arturo Sandoval


I received a copy of Ted Piercefield's new CD, "Chasing My Dream," in the mail today. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it, and I expect to hear more from Ted in the future! Congratulations!

--Roger Ingram


" I LIKED IT ALL. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to do the tracks you did. I think you have something there and would think if you shopped it around to some agencies who deal with sniffing out songs and lyrics, there might be some interest from them that could mean a lot to you."

--Alan Ware


As the lead singer and split lead trumpet player with the Rock group CHASE Ted undeniably placed a stamp on the style of the group that said Piercfield! As the years have passed Ted has continued to progress as a musician/composer. While others trailed behind, Ted continued to grow. He is a treasure!
--Larry Meregillano

Your new CD is fantastic!!! You are bringing back the sophisticated, hip arrangements that any trumpet player would love to be a part. To lay clean tones on top of the deep chordal harmonic planning, that brings out a very spiritual experience for the player and listener! Sheer genius. I believe you've created a "Brand New Bag"....and you be the PAPA!

--Julian "Sparky" Sparkes


I'm really enjoying the new CD Ted, "Chasing My Dream." For fans of the classic jazz-rock band "Chase", this CD is a dream come true. It features Chase trumpeter, songwriter/arranger and lead vocalist Ted Piercefield ("Handbags & Gladrags", "Boys & Girls Together", "Night", etc.) Plus some really great trumpet and flugelhorn solo work (and lead trumpet & ensemble work) by Greg Wing and Lars Ranch. All of the songs on the CD were written and arranged by Ted Piercefield, and the album also features several other Chase alumni, including "Get It On" lead vocalist Terry Richards taking the lead vocals on one song, Jerry Van Blair contributing a nice flugelhorn solo, plus Dennis Johnson (bass) and Garry Smith (drums) also adding their musical talents to the project. Many of the songs are in many ways a reflection of the classic Chase style, but yet the style of these songs has evolved and matured to an even higher level, in my opinion. Which makes sense, since Ted Piercefield himself has continued to develop and grow over the years, both personally and as a musician.

This CD is highly recommended for fans of the band "Chase" (and it's leader, Bill Chase) and for trumpet and music fans in general. Enjoy!

--Randy Dunn


Teddy's first piece I listened to, "Forever One" , is a romantic embrace with the woman I love. 
 "Love", is exciting and compelling.  It heralds the power and majesty of love. 
God Bless You, Teddy.
--Clay Cropper
The new Album by Ted Piercefield is steeped in tradition, great writing for a horn section, hints of His time with the show bands of Vegas and his time with Chase. Ted's writing style, vocals and the music is truly heartfelt and wonderful. This is just the beginning of his rise up from the ashes. Well done.
--Kevin Seeley
Just finished listening to your disc.GREAT!!!
About to hit play again!
--Jim Stewart
Wow, Ted!  "Forever One" is absolutely beautiful.  Gave me goose bumps — like the kind I got from Maynard and Bill!  Love those cascading chords.
Your voice sounds wonderful on “Love”, band is great!
Thanks so much for this!
--Skip Spiro

I got your CD yesterday (just as you promised me all those months ago) ! 

I had the day off today. Rhonda and I took a drive in my convertible, a beautiful day in northwest Arkansas, and enjoyed listening to your music so much that we played it all the way through 3 times.  I have to tell you, Rhonda and I rarely like the same music, we just tolerate each other's tastes.  But Chasing My Dream...we both absolutely love the music!  Every single song!  I'll say one thing--you didn't put any filler on this disc to flesh it out.  Every song is wonderful in its own way.
Another thing about these songs--every time I heard them, I liked them even more.  Now that for me is the hallmark.  With some songs, I get tired of them on repeat listening and start skipping them.  It's that one or two songs on a typical disc that I end up listening to repeatedly.  With Chasing My Dream, I liked each song better the second, and even more the third time. No skipping around on this CD.  Gonna be repeating the whole thing in my car for a long time.
So this disc stays in my car, where I always listen to new music before copying into the music server that I use in my home.
To me, the closing track Those Eyes, is a real masterpiece.  Now I loved Terry Richards, he can't be beat, but you could have sung this just as well. Still it's great to have another Richards track recorded so beautifully, a fitting memorial.  And then, the late great Jerry Van Blair ends the disc with a truly great, great solo that is as stirring as anything I have heard.  Another legend captured for the ages, for us all. Great performance of a wonderful song, I assume you were playing keyboards?   

Well, I could go on and on, but mainly Ted ...THANK YOU for making this CD, for sending me a copy and for the personal message you wrote on the cover.  My only complaint: not enough songs. Rhonda and I were not ready for the disc to end, so we just kept playing it over and over today. That trend will continue.

It's obvious, you're a romantic, and that you like to make people feel good.  I want you to know that you are succeeding with Rhonda and me big time.  We had a wonderful day, our love was strengthened, and I think it was because of your music. If that's your dream, you caught it today, Ted.

--David Sitzes

"I just listened to your songs. LOVED them. I didn't realize you have such a wonderful singing voice. Loved the horns in "Forever One", too. There is such variety in your songs !"

--Rae Ellen Bingaman


Over 40 years ago I went to see a band called “Chase.”  (I had just purchased a Bundy trumpet and started lessons.) What I saw and heard was beyond words. After the concert I went and timidly spoke to these amazing musicians. One of them was kind and patient enough to spend some time talking with me. His name was Ted Piercefield. I sat in awe of his trumpet playing, but what hit me more was that he sang just as well as the “lead” singer. What a combination…a musician who could sing. Or was it a singer who could play? Over the next 40 plus years I was fortunate to play with some of the best musicians and back some of the best performers. Ted’s playing was an inspiration during those years. But I have to admit I would often say, “God, if I could only sing like that Ted Piercefield.” He was a combination of David Clayton-Thomas, Cory Wells and a little Willie Nelson mixed together; only this was a case where the sum was greater than the total of the parts. God must have felt there should only be ONE Ted Piercefield as I never got my wish. But he does work in strange ways. Fast forward 40 years. Ted and I accidently “bump” into each other on Facebook. After sharing some stories I find he has been making music ever since. I convinced him to let me hear some of it and was floored. He needed to get this out into the world.  I wanted to assist Ted in this endeavor, not for financial reasons but for musical reasons. Much of today’s music is formula writing, sampling and you know the rest. Ted’s music is fresh from the heart. It really is different…exciting, moving and full of emotion. It’s a beautiful  mix of instrumentals and vocals. I didn’t want to just buy his music, I bought into it. I have convinced Ted (who is just a little to humble to do this on his own) to offer the first 100 CD owners a personally autographed copy of his works. Just advise him as to autographed or shrink-wrapped. You can also get his music through the usual venues on the internet. It doesn’t matter how you get it, you just need to get it.

Chuck Gorino (Executive Producer)